Thursday, October 9, 2008

We Are Legion

Frank and I compared notes and soon had a working story: Centurion Caelius finds himself at the end of his career in the Legion just days before the Varian massacre in Germania. The battle-weary soldier sees the signs of the impending disaster and is faced with a problem: should he cut and run, thereby erasing the pride of a lifetime's service, or should he take on the role of leader and obey his final orders to hold unto the last man?

The location would be a solitary, wooden fort along the lonely Roman road, surrounded by an ocean of trees. Photos of modern outdoor museums of these types of forts in Europe were extremely evocative. A freezing, dark forest would be a perfect place for our red-cloaked Romans to show their mettle!

The script was underway. Characters great and small began lining up to take part in our story.
And now we had a title: LEGION!

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