Saturday, January 10, 2009


Somebody wise once said, "Writing is never finished, only abandoned."

Every time Frank and I have "finished" a draft of LEGION, we have had to make changes to the story for various reasons. Some of them were just to keep the length down, some were to keep the story more focused. But all of the cut scenes still exist, in a sort of "outtake" file. There is even a character waiting to be laid into the story if he is ever called for (an orderly assigned to assist Caelius with his day-to-day duties and "paperwork"--the Romans were notorious for meticulously recording details, something that lends itself to conflict in the hours prior to a what will likely be a massacre).

Someday some these moments may find their way back into the story. But for now they wait, buried under the "special features" menu.

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Kristin said...

Is that where I will find the gratuitous sex scene ? Do you have a role for Angelina Jolie in this little romp of yours ?