Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mistakes Were Made

I apologize. According to my attorney, my recent blogging made it appear as if I had conceived, developed, and completed a script in roughly a week. I didn't.

The idea began to take shape seasons ago. I slipped a partial manuscript to Shane last July. I gave an uncompleted rough draft to Danny McGrew at least a year before that. Also, imagine me glaring at the computer monitor for months in different shirts and varying degrees of 5-o'clock shadow and you'll get a more accurate idea of the writing process.

The point is to do whatever it takes to type the words "The End."

Victor Hugo had it right: whenever he finished a manuscript, he'd go out onto his balcony and fire a pistol. Most people picture him shooting it up into the sky, but I prefer to think he tried to pick off anyone he saw walking by at that moment.

Hey, mistakes were made.

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