Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stylus Envy

Artists have it better: they can post a pic of a project they're working on, and the post is instantly interesting. I can't exactly attach an outline of an idea. Or can I? Here's the opener from the menacing island tale:

So there's this guy floating in the ocean. He's clinging to a piece of wood from a shipwreck. He spots a green island in the distance, and kicks wearily toward it. Hours later, exhausted, he reaches the surf and paddles to shore. As he staggers out of the waves, we see his left arm is shackled, and at the other end of the 3-foot chain attached his wrist is a dead man. Our shipwrecked guy struggles up the beach, dragging his deceased companion, and collapses in the shade of the tropical foliage.

Picking up a sharp rock, he brings it down on the chain. Nothing. He tries again. Sparks. He eyes the dead prisoner's pale, tattooed arm.

"Sorry, Billy," he says, as he raises the sharp rock again. This time there is a soft sound instead of a metal sound, and the shipwrecked man gathers up his chain and pushes through the jungle in search of water.

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