Tuesday, December 1, 2009

By My Mark

I'm eighty pages deep into the steampunk manuscript, and there's no way to tell what I have. The best way to describe it is that it's like painting in the dark. The lights won't come on until people read it. It doesn't help for me to read it myself, even when I'm done. Writing is about sharing something with other people, after all, not rocking back and forth in a corner and humming to keep intruders out. If other people don't enjoy it, what's the point, man?

Forty pages to go, and they're all outlined. I'm looking forward to writing some of the scenes, especially the ones with splashy titles, like "Airship Down!" "Throw Sally from The Train!" and "Tea Time." Okay, maybe the last one not so much, but it is an important scene.

It was four months ago that someone challenged me to do this...just goes to show how long it takes to complete a whimsical writing project. And if I end up with crap, I can just mumble words like "cathartic" and "journey." Another great line to toss out there is, "the world wasn't ready for it yet," which means: "I'm hiding this so others can't confirm my inability to write."

On THE WOLD front, Jefferson is thumbnailing and sketching from the newly-improved, freshly-translated script. And he gets to keep his light on so he can see what he's doing.

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