Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I burned some sort of weird creative fuel and finished the steampunk script yesterday. I sent it to Frank and immediately began to power-call him to get him to read it. For the uninitiated, power-calling is repeatedly phoning someone--using all their possible contact numbers--even though that person is not picking up. It is a technique commonly employed by nuts and rabbit-boiling exes. And writers.

Frank called me back today, laughing, saying he would read it asap. A few hours later, while I was in a meeting, my phone would not stop ringing silently (how is that possible? I don't know, yet it happened...). I surreptitiously checked to see who it was: Frank. He was power-calling me back. Writer.

I rushed out after the meeting and got him on the phone. "It's the best thing you've written," he gushed. Since I don't owe him money and he doesn't owe me money, I took his comment to mean I should proceed with the project.

I started this blog so I might someday be able to answer the question: "When did you write that?" In the case of ARCANE SALLY & MR. STEAM, the correct answer is December 29.

The next step: a polish (NOT a rewrite!), and a live reading. As Fate would have it, my brother just replaced the bottle of expensive whisky the actors drank up at THE WOLD live reading in November...

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