Friday, February 26, 2010

First Blush

The reactions continue to roll in. Some are calling for novelization, some for serialization, some for more words, some for less. My pro reader, "RB", liked it and had excellent suggestions for improvement.

So far I have been most interested in feedback from women, since Sally is a very unique character and undeniably the strongest of the lot. Most are calling for more of her.

Decision time.


Kristin said...

Sally should definitely show her tits.

Who is this Writer? said...



Hi, Dave! I owe you and Shane an answer, right?
Probably yes! I'll go to SDCC. But I have to finish the book I'm doing, first. I'll have the right answer in june.
About LEGION, I have to talk to you both, personally, to decide if I'll finish it or not.
Cross your fingers!!!
Um abra├žo