Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Inward Seeing

A few days ago, someone asked me, "What's your problem, man?" This was in a crowded place and the person was admittedly drunk and there was no opportunity for me to reply, but it did inspire me to do perform some self-examination to find the root of my problem. I identified some personality weaknesses. What follows is a random sampling of my initial results:

1. I think hard candy sucks.
2. I read The Three Musketeers more like an instruction manual than a piece of fiction.
3. I never want to own another cat.
4. I would do anything to stop receiving group emails at work about potlucks, lost sunglasses, and retirement parties for people whom I've never met, especially when the invitation contains an oversized caricature of that person's face atop a golfer/surfer/fisherman's body.
5. I worry that reality television might be reality.

I hope this sheds some light on the matter.

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