Monday, October 15, 2012

LEGION rises again!

LEGION, a script written by me and Frank DeJohn, took third place today in a very cool script contest!

Some of you might recall that this blog began as a way to chronicle various writing projects, and that LEGION was the first.

Well, since then I gave the script a polish--adding a character I always thought should have been a part of the story--and Frank and I staged a live reading that went so well that Frank was inspired to enter the script into a couple of the best contests he could find.

Guess what?  We won some schwag, some dough, and the right to post the winna logo!

Thanks to all the readers, execs, and incredibly discerning and intelligent people associated with the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards.  Heh heh.

Go Underdogs!

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Kristin said...

Third place ? Whatever.